People @ MBSC

Management Team

Mr. Vikas Sharma, Founder
He is an eminent personality based in the city of Raipur. Born and brought up in Bhopal, he has a strong connection with the city. Mr. Sharma is a successful entrepreneur having businesses in Real Estate, Manufacturing etc. He has strong interest in sports and has gone an extra mile by founder in the Madhya Bharat Sports Club. He believes that forming strong basics in sports and  giving education is equally important. The club moves forward with his vision of gradual success towards his dream of club playing at international level.


Mr. Vikas Jeswani, Founder
Mr. Jeswani is a successful businessman from Raipur, CG. Deeply connected to the ground having businesses in the farming and agricultural fields, he believes that there is a lot of potential and talent in rural India and we need to find & nurture it. His belief that with the right training facilities, right guidance and expert coaching, this potential can be converted into world class performing players is a motivating force for the club.


Mr. Gopichand Khurana, Founder
Mr. Khurana based in Raipur comes from a business background of services and products. His guidance in providing good facilities and understanding the requirements closely to deliver the right things to the players of the academy and the club is a lightning guide for us. His ideas that sports and education can go hand in hand if right combination and integration is provided are our guiding torch in terms of setting right atmosphere for the youth academy players. He maintains that academic education is of paramount importance for any kid playing a sport.


Mr. Naveen Sharma, Founder
Mr. Naveen grew up in our beautiful city of Bhopal. He runs his businesses from the city of Lakes in various fields. Having grown up in the city in time when it was called Nursery of Hockey he affirms that Bhopal has perfect attributes to become home of club like Madhya Bharat Sports Club. His assurance that the history of producing players in the city and its location to attract players from all over country, we will again become a nursery of players.


Mr. Rishish Dubey, CEO
Mr. Rishish is a home grown person who played cricket in younger days in the city. With an MBA in Football & Sports Management from Johan Cruyff Institute Barcelona and a licensed football coach himself,  he has experience of running sports and other organizations. He has worked in major software, IT, e-commerce companies across the globe. He has been a sports buff from the age of 5 years. He has played sports at National Level and Semi-Professional Level. He maintains that with right focus and dedication it is possible to achieve sporting and academic excellence simultaneously, therefore Madhya Bharat Sports Club’s – Celtic Soccer Academy is the best place for young kids to join.