Player Development Centers

What are Player Development Centers ?

Player Development Centers are our training centers for younger boys and girls. They are ideal for formative and basic training in football. They are first step in the pyramid of football career graph. At Player Development Centers we train the players with essentially the same methods and philosophies used in our Elite Academy. The coaches are highly trained and licensed. They are guided by the Technical Director and Head Coach about our training programs.

The Curriculum

The curriculum is based on Celtic Soccer Academy’s curriculum. Weekly discussion with the coaches at Celtic’s Academy guides the training session in our Centers. The players are given world class training which is age specific and development specific.

Joining our Player Development Center

Players aged from 6 to 15 years only can join our player development centers. Players of age 10 and above need to go through a trial at the center. Admissions are taken quarterly only. Exceptions for talented players alone can be made mid term.