Scholarship Announcement – Elite Academy

Madhya Bharat Sports Club is happy to announce scholarships to the players selected for the elite academy. The scholarships have been offered according to the merit and EWS considerations.
Minimum of 15% scholarship has been awarded to every  player.  Please find the following list –

*These scholarship includes fee for CBSE school, premium hostel, mess, tournaments (in India), football training, local and national transport, football kits etc.

This list is only for 100, 75 and 50 percent scholarship students. All other students who are selected in the final list – (Click here to check) and not in the list below are eligible for 15% scholarship. 

All the player now need to fill the form here to know the further process. In case of any query call 9752610365

100% Scholarship
Mohd. Imtiaz Alam 2002
Md. Sabtain Ansari 2003
Sk. Arman 2002
Kunal Chouhan 2003
Mohd. Anas 2003

75 % Scholarship
Vinay 2000
Aabid Sheikh 2000
Vikas Sharma GK 2003
M Siddhartha GK 2002
Sandeep Thapa 2003
Sahil Chahar 2003

50% Scholarship
Rahul Anand Singh 2002
Yanni Lal Singh 2000
Samarpit Anand 2002
Pravesh Kanoriya 2003
Sahil Phogat 2002
Aniket Karki 2001
Sagar Yadav 2000
Derhashat Narzary 2005
Nishant Gogoi 2004
Mohit Rabha 2004
Shrey Rai 2003
Akshay Bajpai 2002
Ayush Sharma 2002
Jun Kharia 2002
Rana Talukdar 2002
Tsering Lama 2002
Dhanjit Boro 2000
Saurabh Chouhan 1999
Shreyansh Choudhary 2001